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> Saint-Jean d'Alcas

This fortified
village had been
magnifically restaured untill the 80'S.
It's not a templar's vestige but a another testimony of
the fears and
the needs of
protection caused
by the calamities
and misfortunes
bring by the
Hundred Years War



Around the XVth century , it'a a woman, an Abbess of a Cistercian abbey, near Nonenque, to which the land belong, who ordered the building of theses fortifications.

This square enceinte was defended by four small corner towers. And its geometrical scheme inside seemed to have really been influenced by the Cistercians with its two parallel streets.

This place, like a keep, had to serve as sanctuary. During the one hundred War, terrible hords of deserters and others mercenaries installed on the Larzac plateau ravaged of the country.
Today the fortification is perfect to find again a certain quite and poetic medieaval ambiance, without no doubt this is wisdom influnced by the cistercian designers of the place. And the light of the sun on the walls contrasted somptiously with the shadows of the vaults.

The side-chapel with spare style offers another oportunity to think about the cistercian origin of the all place





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