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On the banks of the river Tarn, the Camping Campéole Millau-Plage is situated within 1 km from the city centre of Millau. At the gates of the Tarn Gorges and Dourbie valley and in the heart of the Grands Causses Regional Park, it is the perfect spot to enjoy sport and nature. More informations.
If you like, the pure wild river, the canyons on american westerns,
you will appreciate the gorgous and spectaculars gorges of Tarn river. In fact, Tarn River provides sentional feelings on waters-sports.
Fans of canoieng, Kayaking and rafting gather there, just near Millau each summer to have a great fun


But you can also taste the beauty of landscape on a bike or riding a horse.
The beautifuls village as Le Rozier or Mostueljouls are located on the banks of the Tarn river. They were the testimony of the wealth of this beautiful country when the vineyard streched along the banks of Tarn, on terrasses. The terrible phyloxera –disease of the grappes- have destroyed all fields at the begining of XX th century. Today, you can can relish , the Cote de Millau, good and cheap wine. If you watch the sky, you will see the vulture griffon, in the sky of the Tarn River. Downtown in Millau City, you will observe the highest bridge in tghe world wich was achieved in december 2004. (see Below)







Spectacular Hotel de Muse et du Rozier