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> Belcastel



A beautiful village
and a beautiful
river, the Aveyron, which gave a new name
to the ancient
Rouergue, and
especially a beautiful fortified castle,
which gave
its name to the
village, Belcastel.
Located a score of kilometres
downstream from
Rodez, the castle
dates back
to the XIth century.



A narrow, five-arched "donkey's' back" bridge spans the Aveyron River. Facing the old bridge is some of the best food in the region.

Flanked by one square and five round towers, Belcastel was coveted by the English at the time of the Hundred Years' War, yet they were unable to seize it.

A troop of merceneries accomplished this exploit in 1370, however, and completely pillaged it, while the poor peasants who had taken refuge there died quickly by the sword. This fortified castle was restored in the XXth century by the architect Fernand Pouillon, who
brought it back to life from its ruins.

Castle Visit
There are two possible ways of visiting the castle, each offering a very different vision thereof. One retraces its
history and military and religious character, that is, the moat, drawbridge, five-tower enclosure and square
dungeon. The other, upon appointment, shows the visitor solely around the most secret parts of the castle in
order to discover architect Fernand Pouillon's restoration.




With its "calades" or paved lanes, distinctive houses, ovens, fountain and its church, Belcastel did not struggle to earn the
label "most beautiful village of France".

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