The history of Aveyron started during the time of the prehistoric creature, the plesiosaurus. Later, the prehistoric tribe, the Chasseens, lived in the caves on the limestone plateaux of central and southern France.

Then came the Rutenes, the Gallic tribe of Rodez, the present capital of Aveyron, who under the Romans were allied to the Averni.
After that, we have Barbarians. Visigoths, Moors, Viking and then the English and the 100 Years War. The Knights of Templar also ruled and The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem influenced the area with their authority.
Many different cultures have made their mark on the area of Aveyron and this is shown by the stone monuments and rich architecture of the past, which include dolmens, menhirs, fortresses, fortified castles, abbeys and churches.

1 - The plesiosaurus

2 - First human presence

3 - The Bronze Age and megaliths

4 - The Rutheni and Gallic tribe of Rodez

5 - Caesar and the Romans

6 - The despair of the onslaught of the barbarians

7 - Knights Templars of Larzac

8 - The One Hundred Years War

9 -
The religious wars

10 - The French Revolution in Aveyron

11 - The Industrial Revolution

12 - Emigration in Paris and Argentina

13 - Heavy loss of armed personnel during the First World War

14 - The Second World War and the Resistance Movement

15 - The Post War Years




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