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A land blessed by a bounteous Nature


According to Curnonsky: “The Rouergue is one of those lands blessed by a bounteous Nature, giving us a lust for life on this planet which Man is otherwise intent on making more and more uninhabitable”. For, indeed, this celebrated French “Prince of gourmets” had sampled the local traditional culinary specialities.

The Aveyron has everything to offer even the most fastidious gourmet, from your local little inn to the famous restaurants featured in international guides.Like the Auguy Restaurant in Laguiole.

Among the many cheeses are, of course , the famous Roquefort, made from ewe’s milk and often called the 'cheese of kings and the king of cheeses’, and Laguiole, made from cows' milk, or pérail de brebis or chèvre, made from goat’s or ewe’s milk.

Lunch or dinner in Aveyron is a guarantee of fresh quality products and finding the wonderful natural flavours of the past, in dishes that are prepared with great care and skill. If the art of eating well is a pleasure, the quality and origin of products is a serious matter. The Aveyron producers make it a point of honour to produce traditional regional products of impeccable quality.
You can be sure of the origin of the livestock. The meat, fruit and vegetables available will all combine to tempt your palate in a festival of colour and flavour. Meat lovers would not swap anything for a piece Aubrac beef, or veal from Ségala.



Anyone seeking for exceptionnal french culinary products will find them at A la Ville de Rodez. A famous shop in Paris for gourmets.


The department has an excellent reputation for good rich food with an amazing variety of recipes. The local products are famous for their flavour, and people travel a long way to come here and enjoy specialities like aligot (a rich puree made with Tomme cheese, butter and mashed potatoes-See below ), stuffed cabbage, tripous (sheep's feet stuffed and folded up in pieces of sheep's stomach), or estofinado (salt cod cooked in walnut oil).


Indeed, nature has very generously provided Aveyron with ingredients that are the joy of cooks and gourmets alike, for example trout, crayfish, ceps, leg of lamb, game, and cured pork and ham.

This authentic Aveyronnais etablishment, on the Lot valley, has a special reputation for duck foie gras. It is also famous for products based on a combination of foie gras and regional country dishes which are known as the best flavoured in the South West of France. - 2011 All rights reserved